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Give Kindly Logo Doing good. Feeling good. Receiving goods.
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Give Kindly is an online shopping platform with a conscience. 

Vendors place their products online, consumers purchase them and a percentage of each purchase goes towards a charity of the consumers choice.

At the end of the financial year consumers receive a receipt for the charity component donated which they can claim off their taxable position. 

The difference in our platform is that everyone wins off one transaction. The business wins as they get a new profitable sale and client, as well as getting associated with an ethical cause. 

We know that people also feel good about making a change. Consumers feel good in buying their products here as their purchase now plays a role in making a change through a charity they believe in and would be contributing to.

This means a lot to the consumer, it alleviates buyers’ remorse and makes the everyday buyer feel a connection to the brand that they have purchased from. Inevitably there are also associated tax benefits. Tax deductions off the everyday consumer purchases is a big deal as most working Australians don’t get an opportunity to reduce their taxable position. 

Society and communities will also be rewarded as charities now get to focus on doing what they do best. With 100% of all donations going to their cause, they no longer are forced to worry about where their next dollar will be coming from.

How it works?

Vendors will upload the products or services they wish to sell onto the Give Kindly platform and nominate a percentage of the cost of the product to be allocated to a registered charity listed on the Give Kindly website.

With a small monthly fee, vendors unite to drive traffic to their products and services - making a difference to your business and making an impact in the world.

Give Kindly, as the consumer portal, will launch in November 2018 and is now currently only open to vendors to commence the upload of their current goods and services.

Why place your products on our website?

Give Kindly has a guarantee for vendors, incentivising them to take the leap of faith and make a change in the world. We guarantee a 200% return on investment for the vendors putting their products online. 

Give Kindly is more a movement than a venture - if you look at our Facebook page we currently have 300,000 post engagements on average a month and through our back-end in anticipation for launch we currently have 40,000 products online posted by multiple vendors and partners. Although your involvement in our movement is a leap of faith at this point in time, with the launch scheduled for November, you get the opportunity to be acknowledged as such an early adapter and kindness engineer.

Our current vendor partners who are getting involved are telling their clients that they have taken the leap of faith to join Give Kindly not because of the benefit of riches (although that is a key driver for vendors getting involved) but because they believe in the value of giving, they believe in the value of service to the community and they believe that they make a living to make an impact. 

Give Kindly makes no money from the transactions. It makes its money for marketing and growth off a small monthly fee it charges to its vendors. Our commitment is that for the first two years of our social business' activities, all money will be re-invested for the greater expansion of the cause and the movement. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Give Kindly is held accountable by its vendors and charities. Due to the fact that the consumers claim the full tax deduction of their donation component, as tax time arrives the individual deductions need to meet the sum arriving to the charities otherwise we will be held in breach and thus accountable.  

Zero! Absolutely zero!

Aside from the allocation that the vendor deems as a donation component for charity as well as standard transaction fees for Stripe, there are no other fees.   

Although we had a successful first launch in 2015, the data from then is now redundant. Nevertheless, we provide a guarantee for a 200% ROI otherwise your product suite stays on the site for free until the necessary traction occurs. Much like any other sales platform, there is never a guarantee. The question you should ask yourself is: do you believe the value proposition is a good one? With a 200% return on investment guarantee – what do you have to lose? Furthermore, what is the harm of being associated with a charitable cause and with the cost of entry below that of a café lunch a month, what is the real risk versus opportunity?

We have multiple charities on board, including A21, Heart and Soul Inc, JMB Foundation and Mad Musicians Making A Difference. If the consumer would like to donate to a charity not listed on our site, we can facilitate this also, provided that the charity is DGR listed. 

We have 300+ vendors on board with over 40,000 products, across a range of industries, at the time of these FAQ’s being written. Although we can’t name them all here, we are targeting small to medium Australian businesses and the majority, despite a handful of staple brand internationals, are Australian owned and run companies.

Simply click on the 'Become A Vendor' tab on the side panel of the website, fill in your details and when you have submitted your application and it passes approval, you will receive a login that will allow you to place your products online. 

For small product ranges you can manually upload your products one by one. There is also a CSV upload option and an API option for the more complex product suite offerings.

We are going live with a website, An IOS app (Apple) and Android app so that kindness engineers all around the world can shop on the go!

A complete 100% of all vendor money will go to the growth and advancement of Give Kindly in the first two years and the majority of that will go into mass media. Also pre-launch November we will have 130 publications, blogs and media companies going live with the Give Kindly launch. Lastly, with our million strong social media presence across eight social pages, we will be preaching to our advocates and the converted to take action, to download the app and to purchase from our site to be part of making a difference.

The following two are our biggest social media followings in the context of Give Kindly, direct through Facebook and Instagram.



There are two ways you can really make a difference. The first is to really spread the word! Let everyone in your family and friends circle know about the Give Kindly app and get them buying online and supporting their cause. You can also become a GK Kindness Engineer - send us a message through our Contact Us page and let us know how you’d like to get involved and help us make a difference.

Give Kindly has been approached by many potential investors looking to get involved and make a difference. This is how we are here today ready for launch. We are happy to have this discussion on a personal level so please email for more information.

We chose to remain a for profit organisation to fulfill our ethos that the responsibility of charity should rest with the business owner and not the every day Australian. As a business we can engage in long term strategies to make a difference at the expense of a short-term loss, we can make a decision free from public and media scrutiny as to where we feel our investment in the community is best served with our profits not with our charity donated components.

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Any questions or enquiries? Please feel free to contact us on the following details provided or alternatively you can complete our enquiry form located below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Give Kindly Logo Doing good. Feeling good. Receiving goods.
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