Give Kindly Logo Doing good. Feeling good. Receiving goods.
Give Kindly Logo Doing good. Feeling good. Receiving goods.
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When it comes to charitable giving, we all want our donation to make a difference, to be effective. We all want to make a donation that’s responsible, a donation that counts. We all want our $20 to be directly spent on a good meal for the homeless person we passed on the way to work yesterday… but this is definitely just a romantic notion and an unsustainable one. Give Kindly is a concept of sustainable, charitable giving that once dawned on a 13-year-old boy - the concept on the other hand isn’t as young.

It all started back in August 2000 when a young boy, Peter, was hurt to read in an article during high school that the majority of so much kindly given charity donations were barely making it towards being spent on the intended charity cause! That day, he knew there was a gaping hole in the system and although he had no idea how he would fill it, he was going to be the one in his innocence to do it. As soon as he got home from school, with $12 off his parent’s credit card, he registered the domain name

Eighteen years later, a profound experience as a six-time business owner and multiple awards in financial planning, Peter realised the problem lay in where the responsibility of charity funding was. It was often dealt to a small portion of the population who had disposable income and a social expectation amongst those who didn’t! Charities were being constantly forced to keep looking elsewhere and this always had a cost, some more capable than others, so they could not all do it on their own either.

Give Kindly first approached the problem in 2015 as a venture capitalist, funding businesses with a negotiation for a percentage to go towards charity. Then like now, the mission was to shift the responsibility of funding charities onto businesses and away from everyday consumers, yet still allow charity at home. This, though effective, still had too small an impact and we had to go back to the drawing board. A system had to be born where the consumer, the business and the charity could all benefit – could all be empowered – and as a result could change the world.

At Give Kindly, every online purchase contributes a donation
percentage towards a charity of the consumer’s choice.

The online shopping platform of Give Kindly, is that system that achieves change through sustainable giving. It eliminates the need for expensive charity marketing, does not discriminate between charities and is not limited to a ‘right time’ to give. Give Kindly empowers charities to focus on what they do best – to spend and work on helping!

We know there are many options for giving… but let’s make it count.


Give Kindly is a social movement and online shopping platform for change in charitable giving. It is for allowing the average Australian to access an everyday opportunity to give and empowering charities through a system of sustainable giving. At the core of our business’ ethos, is the value of kindness in achieving this.

We know the good feeling when that new parcel finally arrives in the post – but we make receiving goods feel good in a deeper sense because it is doing good. We believe everyone feels good about giving and making a change. However, we recognize that not everyone knows how to give, not everyone knows how to contribute and not everyone has the means to!

“Big opportunities to help others seldom come but small ones surround us every day.” – Sally Koch

At Give Kindly, we believe everyone can give, any day of the week, to any charity by online shopping with a conscience. We are steadfast in our hope that this can be the evolution of kindness and giving in an increasingly digital world.

We continuously strive to grow the list of charities we support and would love to see a day where we had too many to count! We encourage our online users to express the names and description of their favourite charities who they feel should be a part of our panel.


Peter Khoury

Founder & Director

Peter is a successful entrepreneur having been in business since launching his first venture at the age of 15. Peter travelled the country as a sales consultant before settling in as a multi-award winning financial planner – this was all before he decided that his purpose was no longer about currency but more about legacy.

After selling up his assets, he decided to fulfil his dream of 18 years in launching Give Kindly. He has, with the support of his wife and newborn child, committed his all to develop a world where charity and charitable giving is sustainable and profitable to the business, the consumer and the soul. Peter aims to create a legacy through Give Kindly – a legacy of giving, kindness and love in a growing digital world.

Yousif Marco

Operations Manager & Kindness Engineer

Yousif is the work horse and the soul of Give Kindly. Initially working with Peter in banking back in 2010, he acted as Peter’s confident and counsel as he established his earlier financial planning firm. In taking a 60% pay cut to support Peter’s firm in time of initial difficulty, he came on board with the condition that we would see Give Kindly come to life.

Born into a family with deep routes of philanthropy and giving, his life’s goal is to fulfil a purpose where he can change the world for the better. He is the CEO of The Home Loan Merchant, ex-manager of EP&K Financial and a husband and soon-to-be father. Yousif is a man of charity, a man of principal and the Operations Manager of GK.


We need businesses who want to put their products online, make a profit but most importantly help make a difference.

We need charities who want to freely focus on their cause.

We need online shoppers who want to shop with a conscience and want an opportunity to give.

We need supporters, fundraisers and social influencers. Join us on social media.

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Give Kindly Logo Doing good. Feeling good. Receiving goods.
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