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Give Kindly Logo Doing good. Feeling good. Receiving goods.
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Cancellation & Refunds

Under Australian consumer law, Give Kindly allows its consumers to cancel or return a product when the following occurs:

  • The product in no way depicts what the marketing materialled he consumer to believe
  • The product is provided with an unacceptable level of care
  • • The product was not delivered within a reasonable time when no agreed end date was posted
  • The product is faulty or damaged

Give Kindly will not authorise a refund or cancellation whereby the following applies

  • The consumer has changed their mind about the purchase
  • Insisted in having the products specified in a certain way outside the providers parameters listed in the marketing
  • Failed to clearly explain the needs to the provider

As multiple purchases come from multiple vendors the inability for one vendor to provide the good as per the requirements does by no way cancel the contracts of alternate vendors in different purchases.

All complaints and returns must be made within 14 days of receipt of the products and it is between you and the vendor to discuss the terms of the return of the product.

Give Kindly accepts no responsibility of the vendors inability to provide the product but in extreme cases where evidence of unlawful and unethical behaviour of the vendor Give Kindly will seek to ban the vendor from use of our portal and engage the vendor to fulfil their responsibility as per the vendor agreement each vendor must sign.

All complaints and concerns must be addressed to

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Give Kindly Logo Doing good. Feeling good. Receiving goods.
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